Ride The Snake

Don’t Trip Over

Capture beauty

Harness it.

Is it a flower? A power?

Art? A part of the body?

Is it to-be smart?

God’s image isn’t a pretty one

Fibonacci’s numbers aren’t a petty sum,

So why are there snobs and others, scum?

Money meets fun and glum

Like the prospect of a paper gun.

Disconnection, dissipation, disassociation


Dystopia in a place where

We all go, and we all come

There’s meaning beyond but be careful

There’s peril in wisdom

So stay sterile

In this cerebral

There’s a Ferrell child

A lust for nature 

The wild star-tiled pile of fertile aisles.

A mushroom kite,

A sight for cat’s eyes


The rabbit’s habits habitually happen

The clock on the chest begins to blossom

Two eyes lie back, I lay on my back and play dead like a possom

Third open, my mind twists and tosses

Muses past lives,

Ancient like fossils

- This moss is lit purple

- This grass is bliss, blue

- This moon is green, this loon is freed.

Nature, my Queen.

Red Time

Time ain’t here

Flesh is.

You can’t see time here

But you see flesh

Bloodied, red, rotting


You don’t see time here

But you see flesh fed with lead.

This red beach features creatures,

Leeches attached to features neglect

A star-screened sky, but it’s nature which teaches,

Brown the White House with my feces


See I see eye to eye with my conscious

But you can’t, you’re born farmed

Raised for slaughter, tele taught ya

Enjoy the abattoir,

Counting sheep should haunt ya. 

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Coffee and Cake Facade

coffee and cake facade
you’ve changed
you’re not part of the same arm,
which becomes a flower
time was ours
but now it’s sour
How’re you? I don’t give a shit now, truthfully,

beautifully beiruet

travelling to the days in school, when you turned beetroot, but now
you’re coo,
i’m blue, 90s nostalgia
da ba dee da ba doo,
neglect projects regretful reflections
pulled away like c-sections
sick of these phonetic connections

and clouded rejections

coffee and cake facade
you’re in a dream, and it’s hard
but i’m going now, tra
fading stars, blacking hearts.


Capture imagination
Harness it
Look to the mountains, the clouds, stars
and start to wonder, then wander
Feel the forest
Dance with the druids
Hear the trees whisper and
Taste the shrooms fluids
The magic, the enigma
Perception becomes clearer,
The soul of a warrior
The mind of a traveler
Dimensions cross over
Is this the same flower?
The rainbowed moonlight
Illuminates the toadstools
Freshens the forest
Bewitches the woods and
Space paints this pretty picture,
Ethereal illusions, delusions
Fermented fusions
Ceremonious projections
and astral musings,
The bark is drooling
Sage’s mind’s oozing
This fire is cooling
But this giant’s just snoozing.


fairies by Hanule


fairies by Hanule

Fuckbook, Break Up

Solitude occurs
in the presence of people, in
the transience of trend
fighting with Facebook -
reset your index and
resist the will to send.

Mars, Stars and Women

Faces change
But feelings stay the same
Painting the perfect picture
Has never seemed so perfect
But to perfect a thing which is naturally imperfect
Is imperfect,
A recipe for disaster
A catalyst for broken promises
A pacifist for deep-seeded dishonesty
A fall from grace,
Now I’m falling from this kissing tree
The crystal become clouded
and the pistol becomes a sound you dread
Pain is fed, fed and fed
But you become starved
Life’s halved
Beauty becomes farmed, armed
With only instinct and an intrinsic sense
Of persistence which rejects future commitment
and you’re left starved, halved, scarred
From this bow and arrow
Released by the woman from Mars.

Timeless Tragedy

The realisation that not all is eternal

A moment that was so present, pure, perfect

Has gone.

False incentives conjured by roguish ghosts

Tear away the fabric of our world.

The rosiness of an apple can become sour 

Like lemon.

The burning green eyes,

Ache, consumed by insularity

A feel of regret, a desolate binding-

Restricting what we could become,

A lover, a parent, the image of a son?


Salted emotion has become dry and lifeless,

The days of solitude

Have came to us,

Fragments remain, a Shakespearean scene

Two lovers love, but cannot dream.  

A Timeless Forest

This timeless forest

Echoes with honest,

Under a blue moon

This golden harvest

Helps feed the starvest,

And who’s arms fill out this stars vest?

But has the end come too soon?

The wolf runs on the rainbow

The same doesn’t go for

The rabbit’s habits,

Destined for the cauldron.

Live to slaughter

Born to die

Look to the sky and wonder why,

Be careful what you hope for,

Don’t stick a needle in my eye.

The core’s rotten,

The apple survives

Please, kiss trees and

Don’t worry about time.

A Taste of Space


A taste of space.



Why me?


I don’t know

     Google it.

Knitted Eyes

I’m a bellend
this bell’s at it’s end
this tab is clear
this sheet is near, gold
I could try and rescue your soul
but I can’t see the mountains,
the forest
space, the stars
see I’m a just a hippy
a white guy
born shitty
but with thee, life came a model
a code, to live by, one i’d defy
any shithead that cast a fuckin iron imprint
I resent, rub away the chains
slice the wires
but now I’m all part of this
"third eye"

knitted eyes

knitted eyes


Badly Drawn Boy

—Once Around The Block


Badly Drawn Boy - Once Around The Block - Hour Of The Bewilderbeast

What a track!


Don’t break a box!
Break THE box
Burn the walls
Fire the thunder
Rain clouds appear, don’t stand under
I am wander
I am wonder.

If any of my followers looks/sings like Kate Bush, can I marry you please?

If any of my followers looks/sings like Kate Bush, can I marry you please?

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